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Semiconductor Materials
and Equipment

Creating Integrated Solutions with Photomask & Reticle Storage Products, Semiconductor Equipment

With over 40 years of photomask storage, reticle storage and semiconductor experience, Syntec's experts are ready to create solutions for their customers' specific needs. As manufacturer's representatives for some of the finest lines of semiconductor equipment and photomask products, Syntec has a well-earned reputation for quality, customized solutions, putting together the right equipment as well as photomask storage and reticle storage products for the right applications.


High Quality Stainless Steel Photomask Storage Racks, Carts and Equipment
Syntec's  photomask storage racks and carts allow you to safely organize hundreds of reticle/photomask cassettes in a cleanroom environment. All variety of shelf options are available with Syntec's custom photomask/reticle storage solutions. Designed to minimize friction and reduce particles and incorporating an 8° tilt angle, Syntec photomask storage racks and carts keep your mask safe and secure.