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Creating Integrated Solutions with Reticle Storage and Photomask Storage

Syntec designs and manufactures photomask storage and reticle storage racks and carts. We create single sided or double sided low cost, space saving designs that are simple and easy to incorporate into your cleanroom facility.

Vertical or Horizontal Photomask Storage and Reticle Storage Racks
Choose a vertical or horizontal box storage orientation. Standard horizontal or vertical shelf design are easily integrated into standard or custom frames--giving you the most flexibility and maximum storage capacity.

Syntec  Reticle Storage/Photomask Storage Rack Options:
Shelf width and pitch between boxes are a function of box size and user preference–with box size determining the number of shelves per column. We can provide multiple column racks (1 column to 7 column) or more
if required. Shelves can be designed to hold 2 different box sizes, or mix and match different box sizes in different columns within a rack, e.g. a 6" mask box and a 7"  mask box.
Canon cassette storage, Nikon cassette storage–Syntec has a storage solution
Syntec designs reticle/photomask storage solutions for Canon cassettes, Nikon cassettes and specialty or large boxes.

Standard Photomask and Reticle storage box sizes: UT1X, 4x4, 5x5. 6x6, 7x7, 12x12, 14x14, 24x24 and SMIF boxes. Custom sizes are welcome.