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Stainless Steel Workstations Cleanroom Equipment  


Semiconductor Materials
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Stainless Steel Workstations, Cleanroom Equipment, Custom Carts

With over 40 years as photomask experts, Syntec understands the Photomask industry and Photomask users. Long a manufacturer's representative for semiconductor products and semiconductor equipment, Syntec now manufactures a high quality stainless steel product line including Stainless Steel Reticle Storage (Photomask Storage) Racks, Workstations, and Cleanroom Equipment.

Having a good understanding of the Photomask and semiconductor equipment industries allows us to create solutions that make our customers' operations more efficient. Fabricating products like reticle storage units to meet customer specific needs is an everyday occurrence at Syntec. We realize that everything is not always "one size fits all" and strive to accommodate our customers by providing them with tailored solutions.

For Stainless Steel Workstations, Cleanroom Equipment, or Chemical Storage Cabinets that meet your specific needs, give us a call or send us an email. Not only do we understand your business and can offer solutions for your photomask needs–we provide unsurpassed customer service and the guarantees to back it up.