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Yamada Bright Light Inspection Tool Inspection Tool  


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The Yamada Bright Light Inspection Tool: A High Brightness Halogen Light Source

The final–and most difficult–step in processing Si wafers, photomask blanks, magnetic disks, photomasks, pellicles and pelliclized photomasks for semiconductor equipment is flaw detection of mirror-finished surfaces. Syntec is proud to represent this premier flaw detection light source unit.

What makes the Yamada Bright Light so effective?
With lighting of over 500,000 lux, this Inspection Tool allows easy observation of defects that are normally only distinguishable by veteran class inspectors. Since a halogen lamp is the light source, the color temperature is high: 3,400 deg. K. Because of this, irregularities of illumination and color are small enough so that sharp, stable lighting is always secured. In addition, the use of a cold mirror reduces the influence of heat to 1/2 to 1/3 that of a conventional aluminum mirror.

The Perfect Flaw Detection Light Source Unit
Flexibility is built in to the Yamada. The beam diameter is continuously variable from 30 to 150 mm by lens adjustment. Light control is done with a volume adjustment. An easy-access foot switch permits two-step change of high illumination and low illumination observation. A variety of accessories is available for various semiconductor equipment processing requirements.

Syntec has been providing solutions for the photomask products and semiconductor equipment industry for many years.We are proud to recommend the Yamada Bright Light Inspection Tool.